What’s on Your Mind? With Roxana Radulescu

2 minute read

We had the most incredible conversation with Roxana Radlescu. Her advice is on point and to the point! In fact, it was so good, that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves! Roxana will help you jump start your career, innovate your career path, and lead you to your ideal career.  

Listen to it on the way to work, watch it over lunch, or read the highlights below! (But we recommend giving it a watch.)  

Here are the highlights:  

What are the top three things that millennials should think about when taking their next step in their career?  

….. Set clear goals. If you don’t know where are you going, how are you going to know how to get there?  

There’s this quote from Alice in Wonderland, she talks to the Cheshire cat and she asks the cat when she reaches a fork in the road, which way do I need to go? And the cat asks, “Well, where do you want to go?” And Alice says, “I don’t know where I want to go.” And so the cat says, “Then it doesn’t matter which path”. Same goes for us .  

Whenever you look at doing something in the future, knowing exactly where it is, you want to start with the end in mind and then figure out the path that you need to choose to get you there. 

Don’t wait, do not wait for permission to develop yourself. Do not wait for others to tell you that you are talented, that you make a great leader, that you are a high performer, that you are a high potential.  

Decide where you want to go and decide what you can start doing for yourself, your development, your growth as a leader, your growth as a professional in your industry, decide what you want to do to get you there…. [Click on the video above to learn more!] 

What do millennials want to see from their workplaces post-pandemic? 

….. Purpose. If you’re looking at hiring millennials right now, just know that they’re very big on knowing what your purpose is. As an organization, what are your values? Millennials are very self-aware. And if you’re a millennial, you know that.  

They’re also interested in flexibility! Workplaces that don’t offer flexibility are going to lose a lot of talent … Millennials want to be the masters of their lives. They want to have that balance. They want to have the flexibility, and this is what they appreciate in organizations. 

Appreciation and inclusion are also important. The more you include them in the conversation and the more you appreciate the value that they bring, the better they will feel and the more they will keep contributing… [Click on the video above to learn more!] 

What are the top three things that millennials should keep in mind to be a Top team member? 

…. Learn how to express differences of opinion. You have to learn how to get comfortable with giving negative feedback, with letting people know what doesn’t work and what would work instead. 

Keep asking why and why not? What we’re seeing, the changes that we’re seeing in the workplace today, happened because people like millennials in particular came into the workforce and they started asking questions. Why do we have this procedure? Why do we have this framework? Why are we doing that? And why are we not pursuing this other idea? Keep doing that because especially in these post pandemic times, this is essential to make sure that all of our processes and procedures that we have in place actually serve the people that work in that organization so that those people can serve the clients as well…